Sean Porter, the inspiration behind Daddy’s Dogs, is more commonly known around the world as Big Daddy. He acquired this name and his fun-loving reputation through his many years on the road, touring with bands such as Cage the Elephant, Mat Kearney, Elle King, and Kris Allen, among many others. It was by combining his love for cooking and his unstoppable ability to have a good time that the concept for Daddy’s Dogs was formed.

When he is not slinging hot dogs or travelling the world, you will usually find Sean on his trusty scooter. He is a vest-wearing member of the Seattle-based scooter club, Soldiers of Destiny, and is always planning his next scoot across the country. The Emerald City was home to Big Daddy for many years, until his recent relocation to Nashville.

Sean dreams big, but sometimes about small things. He is currently working hard on his newest passion: tiny houses. Armed with HGTV and his shop class history, Sean will soon have several tiny homes of his own design and labor.

Though his passions may seem random, there are a few constants with Sean: quality and personality. Everything he does will be awesome, and he will have a damn good time doing it. Your Daddy’s Dog will not only be the best hot dog you’ve ever had, but you will have a blast hanging out with us.